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Rainbow Six Extraction's next Crisis Event, After Effect, is now available

A "thrilling culmination to the past three Crisis Events".

Rainbow Six Extraction - After Effect
Image credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has unveiled Rainbow Six Extraction's fourth Crisis Event, After Effect.

Available now until 17th November, the new content will be a "thrilling culmination" to the last three events, bringing "more post-launch content" which includes an all-new enemy, REACT tech, challenges, and cosmetic items.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Rainbow Six Extraction PS5 Multiplayer Gameplay: CUTTING DOWN THE CHIMERA!
Let's Play Rainbow Six Extraction PS5 Multiplayer Gameplay: CUTTING DOWN THE CHIMERA!

"In After Effect, Operators must search for the invaluable Parasite Nucleus, carry it, and wield its power; or escort and protect the carrier against incoming threats – including the Amber Sprawl," Ubisoft explains.

"The Nucleus' Death Marker is a powerful ability that the carrier can use against enemies and Parasite structures. It will allow their squad mates to instantly obliterate marked enemies through any damage source that hits them afterwards, so players must wield this powerful ability strategically."

Carrying the Nucleus will impair the vision of whoever's carrying it, with the exposure levels increasing until the Nucelus is dropped or hits 100 per cent "exposure level". You'll also find your speed and mobility reduced, too, unless you use the new REACT gadget, Replusion Harness. Unable to fight, the carrier will have to rely on their squaddies to get through the containment zone alive.

You'll also encounter new headgear, fresh Crisis Studies, Themed Charms, and the Proteam Finka enemy in After Effect, too.

"Extraction delivers a surprisingly gratifying, and occasionally unsettling, experience that - despite its limited map and objective offerings, and my worries about communication - held my attention for far longer than I'd expected," I said in my Rainbow Six Extraction review early this year. "No, it's not the most innovative shooter, but it is a fine addition to the Rainbow Six line-up."