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Rainbow Six Extraction's first free event, Spillover, is now live

Fatal extraction.

Spillover, Rainbow Six Extraction's first limited-time Crisis event, is now live.

In the shooter's first - and free - post-launch content drop, Spillover, Operators must plant a dissolution agent canister to wipe out colonies of alien Sprawl. In all, there are nine Sprawl colonies to find across the map.

As you may well expect, the mission requires stealth, strategy, and oodles of patience, and planting all nine canisters is no easy feat, as you'll be routinely attacked by swarms of angry Archaeans.

Cover image for YouTube videoSpillover Reveal Trailer | Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

The event also introduces an old-favourite to the roster: the GROM Specialist "you know and love", Zofia, and new REACT Tech, the Auto-Turret, a deployable turret that "automatically targets Archaeans, and defend[s] your position from every angle". Rewards for getting through the challenge include operator and weapon skins.

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While it might not bring much that's new to the table, in Eurogamer's Rainbow Six Extraction review I said it "delivers a surprisingly gratifying, and occasionally unsettling, experience that - despite its limited map and objective offerings, and my worries about communication - held my attention for far longer than I'd expected. No, it's not the most innovative shooter, but it is a fine addition to the Rainbow Six line-up".