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Rain World gameplay video shows off stealth

It's a jungle out there.

We knew that the upcoming Tokyo Jungle-esque survival adventure Rain World looked glorious in trailers and now the developer has demonstrated its stealth systems in detail in the following two minute clip.

Cover image for YouTube videoRain World Alpha - "The Roof"

"This isn't some scripted trailer with cool editing and pounding music to get you hyped (ha!), but just me playing an easy level of Rain World, trying not to die too quickly," developer James Primate said in a Kickstarter update.

Primate pointed out a few neat details that are easy to miss, like the player character's eyes darting towards things that interest it, ala Link in The Wind Waker. The enemy lizards are colour-coded to display either their mood or simply make them easier to tell apart, but they have completely different AI structures. "Can you tell what the Teal lizard is thinking?" Primate asked. "Notice how he anticipates your movements when coming in for the attack. But also note that despite all its intelligence and aggressive behavior, the patient green lizard is the one that gets me in the end." Clever girl.

The developer noted that to succeed in Rain World you'll have to become adept at planning stealth maneuvers, thinking on the fly, and battling when things get ugly. "I like to tease the lizards, using my platforming prowess to antagonise them, then scurry away narrowly escaping their snapping jaws, but a cautious stealthy approach or game-of-wits strategy will get you just as far," Primate explained. "The ideal slugcat would be a master of all three elements: cautiously sneaking up on prey, making snappy tactical decisions to avoid discovery, and brazenly battling foes to the death when necessary."

Rain World has already blazed past its $25,000 goal with a current tally of $37,364. It still has until 13th February to raise even more and it's recently been greenlit on Steam.