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Rain World is coming to "PSN, PS Vita and well beyond"

Courtesy of Adult Swim.

Moody exploratory adventure Rain World is coming to Vita, via publisher Adult Swim.

Nature is both cute and terrifying.

Rain World was previously announced for PC, Mac and Linux after shooting past its $25K Kickstarter goal with an admirable $63,255 in February. The game was quickly greenlit on Steam, too.

The developer noted in its latest Kickstarter update that the Adult Swim deal means "Rain World is coming to PSN, PS Vita and well beyond!" We're not sure exactly what platforms "PSN" and "beyond" are referring to, but we've e-mailed the dev team and will update if we find anything out.

Rain World puts you in the role of an adorable "slugcat" tasked with surviving in a derelict industrial planet. Along the way you'll have to contend with predators by observing their behaviour, sneaking around and baiting them. You'll also get to protect slugcat pups, but first you'll have to win their trust. It's like a motherhood simulator, with cute animals... and adventure. What's not to like?

Now watch the expressive animations of the lead slugcat poking about the wild with its young in the Slugcat Pups trailer below.

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Rain World

PS4, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac

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