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Puzzle Quest for Wii/PS2/PC

All due out this year.

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D3Publisher has confirmed the upcoming Wii version of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and promised PS2 and PC versions in the same timeframe.

All three will be out in the autumn, with a mobile version set for early 2008. PC and mobile will be published and distributed by THQ's Valusoft label.

The news that a PC version is in development will come as particular relief to fans, who have been able to play a PC demo for months despite the lack of news on a full version.

Puzzle Quest, which is already available on PSP and DS and due out on Xbox Live Arcade later this year, is a unique blend of RPG and Bejeweled-style puzzle game.

Players have to organise gems, skulls and other icons into groups of three in order to disappear them, taking it in turns to do so with an AI or player-controlled enemy. Vanishing lines top up magic and experience or deliver a blow to the enemy.

Exploring the world map also takes the player through various Bejeweled-derived mini-games to forge new weapons, tame mighty beasts and learn new spells.

It all comes together rather brilliantly and, despite a few slightly awkward tendencies here and there, is difficult not to lose yourself to, as we discovered when we reviewed PSP and DS versions earlier this year.

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