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Puzzle Quest for PS3, Mac?

ESRB reckons so.

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Buoyed by the critical success of Puzzle Quest on PSP and DS, D3Publisher has been shouting to anyone who'll listen recently about Xbox Live Arcade, Wii, PS2 and PC versions. Judging by an ESRB game rating posted on the Internet, that might not be the end of it.

That's because everyone's favourite Entertainment Software Ratings Board has declared that Puzzle Quest's "suggestive themes" (missus) demand an E10+ rating in the US - and that the platforms judged included PlayStation 3 and Mac - the first we've heard of those.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see them, mind, given that D3's obviously keen to put Puzzle Quest in front of as many gamers as possible. A PlayStation Network release would mirror neatly the Xbox Live Arcade exposure, while conversion to Mac would suit a game that doesn't rely so heavily on graphics to deliver its crafty blend of Bejeweled-style puzzling and quirky RPG elements.

Whichever formats it ends up on though (and D3's European spokesperson wasn't immediately able to respond to the ESRB posting), it's definitely worth playing in some form, as you will know if you've read our Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords review for PSP and DS.

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