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PSN outage is hurting developers

PixelJunk studio is feeling the pinch.

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It's not just Sony and its customers who are currently suffering through the widely-publicised PSN outage – developers are starting to hurt too.

Q-Games – the studio behind the PSN-exclusive PixelJunk series – has claimed that the downtime is starting to cost it money.

"PSN being out definitely affects our bottom line," boss Dylan Cuthbert told IndustryGamers, "but as long as the people who were going to be playing Shooter 2 and other PixelJunk titles will get right back in there playing them when it comes back up we'll be happy and hopefully income won't be dented too much."

Cuthbert added that his studio was just as much in the dark about when the service might be back online as the general population.

"Sony has contacted us to let us know they are working as hard as they can 24 hours a day to fully correct and secure the breach," he explained.

"Apart from that we don't know any other information. Fingers crossed they'll get it up and running very soon."

Q-Games' most recent effort, PixelJunk Shooter 2, launched on PlayStation Network last month, scoring 7/10 from Eurogamer's Chris Schilling.

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