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PS3s with larger HDDs in September

160GB and 320GB plus Move.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has announced that it will be making two new models of PS3 with larger hard disks available from 15th September.

There will be a 320GB machine bundled with a PlayStation Move motion controller kit for £284.99 / €349. A 160GB machine will be sold for £249.99 / €299 and "gradually replace" stock of the current 120GB model, which costs the same.

The announcement was made at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's gamescom press conference in Cologne, Germany.

SCEE boss Andrew House said the two new models would help the PS3 "maintain leadership". Xbox 360 currently ships with a 250GB hard drive for £199.99.

House also revealed that PS3 sales had reached 38 million, with 16 million of those in Europe.

He said that last year's gamescom conference, when the PS3 Slim was announced, was "pivotal" and "the instant PS3 sprang to life".

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