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PS3 Starter Pack bundles arrive

Play, Amazon squeezing hardest.

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Sony's PS3 Starter Pack deals are available in the UK today, 18th July, and already online retailers are squeezing their margins to try and capture your cash.

Play skipped the queue yesterday, offering a 60GB PS3, HDMI cable and MotorStorm, Genji and Resistance, but no second controller.

Amazon today offers two similar bundles. The first consists of 60GB PS3, HDMI cable, extra controller and a choice of two games from the first-party quintet of MotorStorm, Genji, Resistance, Formula One and Ridge Racer 7. It costs GBP 399.97. So that's roughly the same, but with an extra pad instead of (let's be realistic) Genji. The second costs GBP 424.99 and includes all of that plus a copy of Virtua Fighter 5.

Elsewhere GAME and Gameplay stick more closely to the script, offering console, extra pad and two of the five selected games for GBP 425.

The PS3 Starter Pack bundles will appear across the rest of Europe on 1st August. Let us know if you've seen any better bundles.

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