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Play scoops Sony PS3 bundle

PS3 plus three games: GBP 399.

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Image credit: Eurogamer is offering an interesting alternative to the Sony PlayStation 3 Starter Pack - announced at E3 last week and due to go on sale in the UK tomorrow, 18th July.

Sony's version consists of the 60GB PS3, two Sixaxis controllers and a choice of two first-party games out of Genji, Resistance, MotorStorm, Formula One and Ridge Racer 7. It's set to retail for GBP 425.

Play's version (full disclosure: we added our referrer bit to the link) consists of the 60GB PS3, one Sixaxis pad, an HDMI cable and three games: MotorStorm, Genji and Resistance. It costs GBP 399.99, and you can buy it now.

Sony's E3 announcement focused on the fact it was adding GBP 115 worth of value to the GBP 425 SKU. Play, meanwhile, suggests that the individual extras add GBP 214.95. Altogether now: that's one expensive HDMI cable!

Will the new bundles push you over the edge? Let us know. And spotter's badges all round for the hard-working forumites who dug up the link in the first place.

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