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PS3 Skyrim fix in the works, but not for update 1.3

Bethesda: "We understand how frustrating it can be."

Bethesda is working hard to stamp out lingering issues with the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim, but a fix won't feature in the impending 1.3 update.

As detailed on the Bethesda Blog, the developer is aware some PS3 gamers are still experiencing problems with the game following the recent 1.2 update. It's currently attempting to isolate the cause of the problem.

"We've been reaching out to a number of those users to collect save games, so we can take a look at their specific issues," explained the post.

"Right now we know it's not one thing, but a combination of smaller ones that some folks are seeing, but others are not. Some seem to be the PS3 autosaving in the background (you can turn that off), some may be SPU AI updates, and some may relate to dynamic system memory allocation.

"These fixes are not in the current 1.3 update that is in final testing, but will be in future ones," it continued.

"We understand how frustrating it can be when your game is having issues, and we thank all of you for your continued feedback and patience. Rest assured we take your gameplay experience seriously and will continue working on this until it's resolved."

For more on the PlayStation 3-specific bugs, head on over to Digital Foundry's detailed 'Rimlag' investigation.

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