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This coffee mug is Prey's most exciting new feature

Gamescom trailer reveals transformative gameplay.

Arkane Studios has just released a couple of new minutes of gameplay footage from its upcoming Prey reboot.

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It all looks a bit BioShock with the ability to loot corpses and pause the action to select an armament from a weapon wheel. Or maybe it's the shiny art deco foyer that recalls Irrational's glossy utopias gone awry.

We also get to see some unique weapons like the Gloo Cannon that freezes enemies (who have the brilliant evolutionary coping mechanism of mimicking office furniture) in place before you shatter them to pieces.

Yes, the mug still has a 'sprint' button.

According to a new Bethesda Blog post, the Gloo Cannon also has some traversal capabilities ala Metroid's freeze ray. It "comes in handy for traversal, allowing Morgan to create pathways to hard-to-reach areas, or seal off fiery vents so he can bypass them safely," the publisher teased.

Meanwhile, the Superthermal beam can summon in a pillar of heat to obliterate whatever's unfortunate enough to be standing in the destination you select.

The most notable new toy, however, is Mimic Matter, which lets you play as a mug. No, really. You can beam your presence into that of a coffee cup and roll through tight spaces before resuming your human form.

If that seems a little like turning into a rat in Dishonored that's no coincidence, as Prey is being developed by the studio behind that series, Arkane. While Dishonored 2 is being handled by Arkane's original Lyon-based studio, Prey will be the premiere of its new Austin branch.

Prey is due next year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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