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Prey finally gets proper PS4 Pro support

Better late than never.

Prey is by most metrics a pretty solid game, and one we recommended. However, there was one issue with the game's PS4 version that left our Digital Foundry experts bewildered and disappointed: it had no perceivable perks on PS4 Pro, despite the box noting that it would support Sony's premium console.

"Despite the retail packaging suggesting that PS4 Pro support is included, we could find no improvements whatsoever," said Digital Foundry John Linneman in his Prey face-off. "It's surprising that Sony would allow for a high-profile title to hit the market place touting support for the enhanced hardware when practically, there is none."

Well the good news is that there is some, finally. It only took four weeks, but today's Prey v1.04 patch actually adds the perks one would have expected out of the tin.

According to the game's patch notes, the PS4 Pro build now features improved textures, shadows, particle effects and the like.

Here's the full list of PS4 Pro perks:

  • Enable Screen-Space Reflections
  • Higher quality shadows
  • Improved texture appearance
  • More texture memory (stable streaming)
  • Anisotropy 16x (from 4x)
  • Improved visual fidelity
  • Less LOD usage
  • Dynamic lights show up further
  • Particles are allowed to draw more pixels per effect
  • Particle refraction enabled

Additionally, the v1.04 patch will fix other glitches on all platforms, with the update launching later this week on Xbox One and PC.

To that end, here's the changes everyone will experience in the patch:

  • Glooing Cook between objectives no longer breaks mission.
  • 'Nightmare is Hunting You' no longer plays after completing 'Copy Protection' without Typhon Neuromods installed.
  • Disgruntled Employee mission now properly completes if player finds Grant Lockwood prior to getting mission.
  • Sarah Elazar will now give the code for Cargo Bay B if player has hostility from Phantoms.
  • Aaron Ingram will no longer flee and cower when released in Psychotronics.
  • Player can no longer lock themselves in the security pharmaceuticals office in Trauma.
  • Superfruit no longer appears shrunken and flat when fully grown.
  • Adjusted timing on several cutscenes.
  • Blank objective markers no longer persist above reticle.
  • Using key actions while controller prompts are shown will no longer cause a freeze.
  • Tracking bracelets are now sent to Recycler with "Transfer all Junk".
  • Additional fixes for PS4 input drift.