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Prey demo lets you play the first hour of the game

A week before it comes out.

Bethesda will release a demo of Prey that lets you play the first hour of the game.

The demo comes out on Thursday 27th April on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (there's no mention of PC) - a week before the game launches proper on 5th May.

If you're wondering about the first hour of Prey, Aoife and Johnny gave it a shot and made the video, below.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play the First Hour of Prey

Prey, made by Arkane's Austin, Texas studio, is a new game that uses the Prey name but has nothing to do with the Prey 2 that was in the works at Human Head before it was cancelled. Part BioShock, part Metroidvania and with plenty of Arkane's own DNA, this sci-fi first-person shooter has been in development for around four years.