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PopCap: why Bejeweled 3 wasn't online

Plus, updates on iOS version.

Online leaderboards and multiplayer modes were left out of Bejeweled 3 due to "priorities and deadlines", developer PopCap has explained.

"We love a good leaderboard as much as the next person," PR chief Garth Chouteau told Pocketful of Megabytes, "but felt that, like its predecessors, Bejeweled 3 was focused on the solo gaming experience and contained enough new takes on the match-three game mechanic to please most fans of the genre.

"We may add 'connected functionality' to Bejeweled 3 down the road, who knows?" he hinted.

The latest entry in PopCap's enormo-selling match-three behemoth launched on PC back in December, winning a shiny 8/10 from Eurogamer's Christian Donlan. While its predecessor was ported to almost every platform known to man, Chouteau wasn't quite ready to confirm Bejeweled 3's next step.

"We're traditionally somewhat slow to adapt our games to other platforms after launching them on PC/Mac," he explained when asked if an iOS version was in the works. "Bejeweled 3 for iPhone/iPad is probably something we'll do...eventually...!"

PopCap's latest release is the PlayStation 3 version of tower defence hit Plants vs. Zombies, which arrived on PSN earlier this week.