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Pokémon's latest animated short is a tear-jerker starring Bidoof

Beaver away.

Bidoof, the beaver Pokémon, is spotlighted in this new, eight-minute animated short from The Pokémon Company.

Everyone loves (or loves to hate) Bidoof. It gets everywhere, it is a bit crap (sorry, Bidoof), and as a result it has become a bit of a meme.

But today's new animation seeks to show another side to Bidoof, as it follows one bumbling beaver outcast from his community on a journey for acceptance. Genuinely, it is very good.

Cover image for YouTube videoBidoof’s Big Stand

Pokémon occasionally puts out these standalone animated shorts - and usually they're worth tuning into. Another recent memorable release was the Looney Tunes-themed cartoon about a hungry Scraggy.

Back in the world of video games, fans are eagerly awaiting the monster franchise's big release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, on 28th January.