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Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Global Missions - rewards, how to register and Global Mission targets explained

Everything you need to know about USUM's community challenges.

Global Missions in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon mark a return to the same formula as before, with players tasked with hitting large communal milestones in challenges ranging from catching Pokémon to taking part in the new Mantine Surfing minigame.

Here, we'll be getting into the details of each challenge, including a list of the Global Mission rewards, each Global Mission target (or if they haven't been announced yet, what they were in the previous version for regular Sun and Moon), and likewise explaining how to register of Pokémon Global Missions, too.

Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Global Missions list, mission rewards and targets

So far, only the one Global Mission has had it's full set of rewards and specific targets revealed. The rest are listed below, and we've added the rewards and targets from the previous version (and noted where we've done that accordingly) so you know roughly what to expect. These may well change when it comes to them going live, though, so bear that in mind!

Likewise, remember that registering for a Global Link account will double your rewards, meaning up to 4,000 FC for a successful challenge!

The Festval Plaza, home of Global Missions - note this screen is from regular Sun and Moon. We'll update when Ultra Sun and Moon come around!

Pokémon Global Missions list, rewards, and targets:

MissionDatesTargetSuccess rewardFailure rewardTarget reached?
Catch a lot of Pokémon!17th Nov - 28th NovCatch 10,000,000 Pokémon2,000 Festival Coins1,000 Festival CoinsNo
Have Fun Mantine Surfing!12th Dec - 27th DecTBCTBCTBCTBC
Win at the Battle Agency9th Jan - 23rd JanTBCTBCTBCTBC
Harvest Poké Beans6th Feb - 20th Feb3,000,000 Beans (previously)TBCTBCTBC
Trade Pokémon at the GTS6th Mar - 20th Mar1,000,000 Trades (previously)TBCTBCTBC
Hatch a lot of Eggs3rd Apr - 17th Apr200,000 Eggs (previously)TBCTBCTBC
Earn BP at the Battle Tree1st May - 15th May250,000 BP (previously)TBCTBCTBC
Play in the Festival Plaza5th June - 19th JuneTBCTBCTBCTBC

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How to register a Global Link account for Global Missions in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Registering for a Global Link account and using it to participate in Global Missions can be hugely useful - especially as Festival Coins are one of the key resrouces for farming Bottle Caps that you can use to Hyper Train Pokémon, along with their use for earing a variety of other bonuses.

Syncing your game at the PC in the Festival Plaza - note this screen is from regular Sun and Moon. We'll update when Ultra Sun and Moon come around!
Participating in a Mission in the Festival Plaza - note this screen is from regular Sun and Moon. We'll update when Ultra Sun and Moon come around!

How to register for Global Missions and a Global Link Account:

  1. Create a Game Sync ID - In the Festival Plaza, enter the castle and interact with the PC inside on the right, then choose the option to create a Game Sync ID.
  2. Create or log into your Pokémon Trainer Club account - Go to the main Pokémon website and sign up for an account. Your Trainer Club account is literally just the account you use for the Pokémon site and any online Pokémon services, so if you've already signed up to anything along thsoe lines, you probably already have a PTC account!
  3. Register you game on the Pokémon Global Link - Now go to the Pokémon Global Link site, and select 'Register Your Game' on the left. This basically ties your ownership of your game to your Pokémon Trainer Club account, so it can all sync up. Enter the Game Sync ID you got from the in-game PC just now when prompted.
  4. Participate in the Global Mission - When a new Global Mission is live, head into the Festival Plaza castle again and talk to the lady on the right who deals with Global Missions. Select the option to register with her, and after your game briefly pauses to sync up, you're all done! You can now get rewards for that mission's success or failure, even if you do nothing else to contribute towards it.