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London Pokémon Center will run out of exclusive bowler hat Pikachus this week

Stock cap.

You better act fast if you want one of the exclusive London City Pikachu plush toys, as London's pop-up Pokémon Center is about to run out.

In a post on Twitter, the official Pokémon Center account wrote: "Due to overwhelming popularity, this week will be the final week that London City Pikachu Plush will be in stock at #PokemonCenterLondon."

"Restocking will continue daily," it adds, "but we will most likely completely sell out on Sunday 10th November."

Fans are reassured in a follow up tweet that other exclusive London themed items are still being restocked, so you should still be able to get other merch from the set between the 10th and 15th November.

The store has also announced it's introducing more products to the shop this week, "including additional licensee products". We don't know what these will be just yet, but given the rate at which everything seems to be selling out, it's no surprise they're scrambling for more merch to put on the shelves.

We previously reported on the Pokémon Center reducing it's opening hours to cope with the demand for the exclusive collection of items, and it looks like even this wasn't enough to guarantee stock until the shop's closing date.

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