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Pokémon Go announces short list of in-person event locations for February

None in Europe or US.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has named a short list of locations where it will hold in-person events next February, as part of the game's Pokémon Go Tour: Johto celebration.

An initial day available to all players globally will take place on Saturday, 26th February - this was already announced and detailed. A separate, second day featuring in-person events with themed habitats will then be held on Sunday, 27th February.

This Sunday event has now been confirmed for Parque Fundidora (Monterrey, Mexico), Yas Bay (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and the Taiwan Lantern Festival (Kaohsiung, Taiwan). No locations were announced today for the UK, mainland Europe or North America.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattling and catching Holiday Glaceon in Pokémon Go

The expectation from fans had been that this second day would be held more widely than those three settings - but it is perhaps unsurprising Niantic is not making plans it may not be able to stick to come February in the face of the many unknowns from COVID's Omicron variant.

As it stands, the above three locations will offer a $25 (~£18) ticket to explore real-world themed habitats with their own collection challenges, photo ops, exclusive merchandise, plus in-game special research and numerous other bonuses.

Could other, more local sites get announced at a later date - perhaps such as Liverpool, which partnered with Niantic for Pokémon Go Safari Zone? "Further details will be announced in the future," Niantic said today.