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Pokémon Go Tour returns, with in-person portion planned

Some details currently Unown.

Pokémon Go's hugely-popular ticketed Kanto Tour will be replicated next year with a new event dedicated to Johto, home of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

As with last year, two versions of the Pokémon Go Tour ticket will be offered - with Gold and Silver options featuring slightly different pools of Pokémon to catch and trade with friends.

The event will see all remaining Johto Pokémon become available in their Shiny versions, offer another chance to catch the Mythical Celebi, a new event questline and subsequent Masterwork Research, a bundle of raid passes, plus numerous other items and bonuses.

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All of this will take place on Saturday 26th February 2022, and the ticket is now available to purchase for £10/$12.

Additionally, a separate event day will be held on Sunday 27th February with in-person experiences at "a few select cities" around the world. Exactly where these will be, what will be offered and how much a ticket might cost is yet to be announced.

We expect at least one of these in-person locations is planned to be based on the UK - but we'll see how this pans out.

Pokémon Go tested a return to in-person events back at this summer's Go Fest, with pop-up locations in a few cities and parks. The game then finally managed to re-run its postponed in-person 2020 Safari Zone events - including the attendance of 20,000 fans at one held in Liverpool.

Last year's Kanto Tour "featured a frankly exhausting array of things to collect and do", I wrote last February. "Reaction to it from fans has been positive - with many calling it the game's best event in recent times." The format also generated huge revenues for Niantic - so it's no surprise to see it return again.