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Pokémon Go datamine reveals recently teased new Scarlet and Violet Pokémon

Say hello to Pokémon #1080!

A brand-new Pokémon - first teased in October's Scarlet and Violet trailer - has been datamined following the latest update to Pokémon Go.

Sharp-eyed fans first spotted the mysterious new Pokémon during a segment on Scarlet and Violet's photo mode, its round grey head and twin antenna barely visible behind a chunk of UI.

There've been no further sightings following that discovery, and developer GameFreak is yet to reveal more, but a new Pokémon Go update has now, albeit inadvertently, kicked the little fella into the spotlight sooner than intended.

The mysterious new Pokémon, as spotted in a recent Scarlet and Violet trailer.

As spotted by Polygon, datamining group PokeMiners has now picked through Pokémon Go's new update and found 3D assets for Scarlet and Violet's mysterious photo bomber.

Listed as Pokémon #1080 in the game's files, it's an adorable addition to the line-up - albeit apparently also a slightly irritable one, based on its datamined animations - somewhere between a bug and a wee grey alien. Plus, it roams around with a gold coin on its back - which appears to have more significance than just a simple design flourish, judging by earlier leaks.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet - Jump into a Paldean Journey.Watch on YouTube

While that seems to be it as far as details from this latest Pokémon Go datamine go, it shouldn't be long before the mysterious critter is ready for its official debut. After all, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's launch is mere weeks away, coming to Switch on 18th November.