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Pokémon Go Gen 4 evolutions released, raids made tougher

Combee breaker!

Pokémon Go has unlocked new Gen 4 evolutions and fresh Pokémon to hunt in the wild.

You can now evolve Aipom into Ambipom, Tangela into Tangrowth, Lickitung into Lickilicki, Yanma into Yanmega, female Snorunt into Froslass and male Kirlia into Gallade using a Sinnoh Stone.

Out in the wild, you can now find Combee, Glameow, Cranidos and Shieldon. Artwork for the release has also shown baby Pokémon Bonsly, Happiny and Mime Jr which will presumably be released via eggs, though I've yet to see good evidence they are currently available.

The update also rebalances the game's higher tier raids - some of which could now be beaten solo. You'll no longer be able to best Tyranitar or Absol with just one account - as tough a challenge as that still was, developer Niantic wants you raiding with friends. As for current legendary Palkia, you'll probably want to bring along another pal there, too.

Raids will now dish out a little more Stardust, at least - and there are also a bunch of new moves existing Pokémon can now learn. Niantic has the full list, which is worth checking to see which of your existing 'mon could benefit from a TM. (Got a Roserade? Teach it Grass Knot now.)

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