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Poison, Yoshimitsu in SF x Tekken

Dhalsim and Steve, too.

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Capcom has announced four additions to the Street Fighter x Tekken roster.

Poison is a brawler of ambiguous gender lifted from the Final Fight series. Dhalsim will, of course, meditate and destroy you.

From Tekken we get Yoshimitsu, a robotic samurai who has appeared in crossover fighting games in the past. The less said about British boxer Steve Fox the better, really.

The quartet joins Ryu, Kazuya, Ken, Nina, Guile, King, Abel, Marduk, Cammy, Bob, Chun-Li, Julia, Sagat, Hwoarang, Haggar, Hugo, Cody and Guy on the already bulging roster of playable fighters.

inFamous' Cole MacGrath is a bonus character for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions.

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