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PlayStation VR2 unannounced PC adapter spotted

Worth a plug.

Sony has certified a PlayStation VR2 PC adapter in South Korea, as the company readies its plans to make its latest VR headset compatible with computers.

The gadget was approved by South Korea at the end of March for use in the country. As yet, however, Sony is yet to announce it publicly.

A report on the device by UploadVR speculates that the gizmo will allow the headset to simply plug into your PC via the adapter device.

Here's our Ian with a PS VR2 Unboxing video.Watch on YouTube

The news that PlayStation is planning to roll out PSVR2 support on PCs comes as no surprise, as Sony quietly confirmed it was "currently testing" the idea back in February.

Details remain thin on the ground, however - without a firm confirmation of when the support will come or how exactly it will work. But the date of the adapter's South Korean filing suggests we will now hear something soon.

For its part, Sony has said it was working on PC support for PSVR2 so owners gain "access to additional games on PC to offer even more game variety in addition to the PS VR2 titles available through PS5".

Launched in February 2022, Sony has not given an update on PSVR2's sales figures for over a year - though said the device had, initially at least, sold more than PSVR1.

Bloomberg reports last year claimed Sony had slashed its planned shipments of the headset following disappointing pre-order numbers (something Sony later refuted) and had sold less than 300k PSVR2 headsets in its first six weeks (Sony also refuted this, and said it had shifted 600k). In March this year, Bloomberg reported again that PSVR2 production had been "paused" as stock mounted up.

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