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PlayStation Plus' Godfall: Challenger Edition not a trial, developer insists

Cut-down version will be sold separately for $15.

This week, PlayStation Plus subscribers reacted in surprise when a new version of Godfall was confirmed as part of December's game offering.

The Godfall: Challenger Edition is a version of the game which lets players try three endgame modes, and provides a sampling of high-end loot and skill points so you can test the game at max level.

Many subscribers suggested the inclusion of this version of Godfall was against the spirit of PlayStation Plus, which typically offers "full" games. Indeed, the Challenger Edition was advertised with word of an $45 upgrade offer - to pay and get the main version of Godfall if you liked what you had tried so far.

Cover image for YouTube videoGodfall: Spring Showcase E3 trailer – PS5 PS4 PC | Fire & Darkness | Lightbringer Update

Today, a spokesperson for developer Counterplay told Eurogamer that the Challenger Edition was "not a trial", but a new cut-price, limited-feature edition.

In a new press release, Counterplay announced that the Challenger Edition would also soon be available for free via the Epic Game Store for a limited time (December 9th - 16th).

After that, the Challenger Edition will be sold for $14.99.

But this seems unlikely to appease PlayStation Plus subscribers who have said they feel the service typically offers full-priced releases.

By comparison, the PlayStation Store typically offers Godfall's Digital Deluxe Edition for £49.99 (currently discounted to £24.99), plus the Ascended Edition for £54.99.