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PEGI rates Godfall for PS4

Rise and (God)fall.

It looks like Godfall is coming to PS4.

The looter-slasher is currently available on PC and had a six-month console exclusivity period as a PS5 launch title, which - oh-so-coincidentally - is shortly coming to an end.

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While there's no sign of the game coming to Microsoft's family of consoles just yet, a quiet update on the PEGI website, however (thanks, TwistedVoxel), reveals the game has now also been rated in the UK for Sony's PS4 console, too.

Describing it as an "action role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of the last of the Valorian knights who must travel through various realms to prevent an apocalyptic event", the game has been deemed suitable for players aged 16 and older due to what it says are "depictions of realistic violence towards human-like characters".

"Characters let out grunts of pain and stagger backwards while being attacked," PEGI explains in its reasoning for the rating. "When a character is defeated, luminous green blood splatters onto the surroundings and their body falls limply fall to the floor, where they then disintegrate into bright coloured flecks. The majority of the violence is inflicted with weapons such as swords, hammers and axes. However, some firearms and spells are used as well. Regardless of the type of weapon used, the reaction to the violence remains the same."

I found Godfall was a shallow, unremarkable experience. In the Eurogamer Godfall review, I wrote: "The problem with Godfall is that beauty is pretty much all it's got. Though it dresses itself up as a Diablo-esque looter-slasher and drenches you with gear and weapons at pretty much every opportunity it can get, there's so little else to sink your teeth into here beyond its gratifying aesthetic.

"The story - a tale of two warring brothers, of which you, Orin, are one - is intriguing, but fails to deliver its plot or central characters in a convincing or meaningful way. The loot is plentiful, yes, but with so much gear available at virtually every turn, it cheapens - maybe even negates - any desire to upgrade or retain favourite pieces."

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