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Godfall is "not a service game", but it will "require an internet connection to play"

Godfall from grace.

Godfall will require an always-on internet connection regardless of what mode you're playing.

Confirmation first came via the game's PS5 store page, which stated: "online play [was] required". Confused, some gamers reached out to the developer via Godfall's official Twitter account for clarification.

While the response was keen to assert that Godfall should not be categorised as a "service game", it "does require an internet connection to play" (thanks, VG24/7).

"Maybe if we had been explaining better what the game is about, we would have understood why such decision," one commenter said. "That's because it's an online coop game, but still... I mean even 2009's Demon's Souls while still online for coop, had an offline mode."

"So the game will be unplayable when the servers are shut down in X number of years," added another. "Not a great selling point."

Godfall developer Counterplay Games and publisher Gearbox recently unveiled the pricing and pre-order details of the upcoming fantasy action game. Available from 12th November worldwide - but from the 19th for PS5 owners in Europe - there'll be three variants available: the £50 Godfall Standard edition, the £66 Godfall Deluxe Edition, and the £76 Godfall Ascended Edition.

The Godfall Standard includes the base game, the Deluxe Edition includes the base game and expansion 1, and Godfall Ascended Edition includes the base game, expansion 1, and Godfall Ascended "digital cosmetic contents".

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