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Godfall is heading to Xbox and Steam in April

Arrives alongside Exalted update for all platforms.

Developer Counterplay Games' action-RPG Godfall will - after nearly 18 months of PlayStation and Epic Games Store exclusivity - be making its way to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam on 7th April, arriving in a new Ultimate Edition guise.

Godfall initially launched for PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store back in November 2020 (and a PlayStation 4 version arrived in November last year), taking players and up to two co-op pals on a loot-drenched action romp - all clashing swords and smashing hammers - through a gorgeously wrought fantasy world.

The resulting adventure was frequently breathtaking, but failed to offer very much beyond its visuals. As Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake wrote in her review, "The problem with Godfall is that beauty is pretty much all it's got. Though it dresses itself up as a Diablo-esque looter-slasher and drenches you with gear and weapons at pretty much every opportunity it can get, there's so little else to sink your teeth into here."

Cover image for YouTube videoGodfall Ultimate Edition | Steam
Godfall Ultimate Edition - Steam Trailer.

Lukewarm reviews did not, however, prevent Counterplay from releasing a paid expansion, titled Fire & Darkness, as well as a number of free updates following Godfall's launch. The newest of these updates, Exalted, arrives alongside the Ultimate Edition on 7th April, promising various "fan-requested features and enhancements" - including "faster and more fluid" combat, more "streamlined and robust" inventory management, plus story enhancements, and "dozens" of new weapons and shield cosmetics to unlock.

Godfall's Ultimate Edition will also feature previously exclusive Ascended Edition and pre-order bonuses, and promises a range of Series X/S-exclusive enhancements, including Variable Refresh Rate and Dolby Vision for HDR-capable displays. It'll cost $39.99 USD (around £30) on Xbox and Steam, with a launch discount bringing that down to $29.99 for a limited time.