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Godfall coming to PlayStation 4, alongside new expansion

Will it rise again?

Following a ratings board leak earlier this year, it is now confirmed that Godfall, the PC and PlayStation 5 fantasy looter published by Gearbox, will also launch for PS4.

It is perhaps surprising to see the visually-impressive role-player getting ported to last-gen - not that we saw much of what that PS4 version might look like today. But this move will, obviously, open up the game to a wider audience.

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Today also brought word of Fire & Darkness, a new expansion for Godfall which adds in a new realm, new story, and a hoard of new loot.

Both the PS4 version of Godfall and Fire & Darkness will arrive on 10th August.

At launch, Godfall garnered a mixed response, with Vikki Blake calling it "a beautiful but hollow action RPG" in Eurogamer's Godfall review. "Godfall offers obnoxiously stylish next-gen spectacle, but its appeal only runs skin deep."

Today's announcement notes that developer Counterplay Games has updated Godfall regularly since then, and focused on community-requested features and quality of life enhancements.