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Play unveils beefy PS3 bundle

We're giving one away, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Our game-selling Internet friends at have sent word of a splendid PlayStation 3 bundle that's guaranteed for delivery on 23rd March.

The meaty bundle consists of the console, three games (the excellent MotorStorm, the nearly excellent Resistance: Fall of Man and, er, Genji) and a free HDMI cable for an all-in price of GBP 524.99.

PlayStation 3 launches in the not too distant future on 23rd March, with Sony aiming to have 30 games available on day one, including several through the PlayStation Network online service.

It also said this week that the first 500,000 people to sign up to its free online service would get a Blu-ray copy of Casino Royale.

And if you fancy being one of those 500,000, you could do worse than opt for Play's bundle, even if we do say so because they are lovely and sometimes hold our hands during scary bits in films.

Alternatively, you could always try and win one of the above bundles in our rather spiffing competition...

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