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Planet of Lana is a lovely hand-painted side-scroller

One to un-earth.

One indie game which caught my eye during tonight's Summer Game Fest stream was Planet of Lana, a beautiful side-scrolling platformer coming in 2022.

It's the work of new outfit Wishfully, and has a Limbo-esque vibe to it. While more colourful, there's definitely something eerie about watching Planet of Lana's protagonist and her little friend see rockets falling from the sky.

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"Planet of Lana is a cinematic puzzle adventure framed by an epic sci-fi saga that stretches across centuries and galaxies," Wishfully describes.

"A planet that used to be a place of undisturbed balance between human, nature and animal has now become something else entirely. The disharmony that had been in the making for hundreds of years has finally arrived in the form of a faceless army. But this is not a story about war. This is a story about a vibrant, beautiful planet -and the journey to keep it that way."

One to keep an eye on.

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