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Physics mining game for XBLA

Wik dev's Axiom Overdrive.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Reflexive Entertainment is working on some sort of mining game for Xbox Live Arcade called Axiom Overdrive. Which is surely a 2 Unlimited song.

We say "some sort of" mining game because Reflexive's launch announcement, accompanied by one screenshot, is billed as an announcement "that the mining colony 'AF128' in orbit about Neutron Star PSR B1913+16 is now in full production".

As a result, "The Axiom Corp. mining company is now preparing for a massive hiring program of O.T.F. pilots." Go on. "Inside the mine, pilots discover side-scrolling, omni-directional, 3D, physics-based job challenges that will push their piloting skills while dazzling their eyes." Aha! You are a description of the game and I claim my five pounds!

Quite when Axiom Overdrive will be released is another thing, but there's an official website to keep an eye on if you're interested. Reflexive's previous games include Wik: Fable of Souls and Ricochet.

Whatever the answer, we probably won't see it this month as Word Puzzle and Switchball are up tomorrow and Microsoft's recent list of future Xbox Live Arcade releases made no mention of Axiom Overdrive.

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