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PGR4 can record every race ever

If you click yes, it's all there.

Halo 3's Saved Film feature received glowing reports at E3 last week, but just you wait for Bizarre Creations' PGR On Demand service - a database with the potential to store every race ever played out in PGR4.

That's "every race in the game ever" in the words of Bizarre's Craig Howard, demoing to Eurogamer at E3 last week. "You can be in a world cup tournament - it gives you a nationality, so you can go and prove that you're the best American racer or whatever. And you can watch the whole world cup. If you get knocked out, you can watch the people who beat you, and watch all their races too. It's just all there. We're trying to create a base for all racing enthusiasts."

You can watch every race that's ever taken place in the game? "Yep." Right. "It's not our server," says biz director Brian Woodhouse, with a grin.

"When you get to the end of a race," Howard explains, "you can choose not to upload it, if you really want to." Right, so it's opt-out. But who would? Especially if the file-sizes are kept to a minimum, which - given the volumes they're talking about - you'd have to say they will be. "You're not uploading an actual AVI," Howard confirms.

"Plus you can use keywords like 'crash' or 'slide' or 'Macau', if you want to," he says, "so when people do a search they can find you. You can rate them too - 'that's a wicked crash' etc."

It's all part of PGR On Demand, mentioned during last week's Microsoft E3 conference, which will also allow you to share photos ala Forza Motorsport 2 and Halo 3. The online video-sharing stuff is quickly becoming a must-have feature for Xbox 360 games, having first - to our memory at least - appeared in the 360 port of Burnout Revenge.

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