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PGR4 Arcade Mode details

One for the vets.

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Bizarre Creations has scribbled on its Project Gotham Racing 4 website with new information about sparkly Arcade Mode.

The races here will be spread over different chapters, with each focused on a specific driving skill. So there's Catch Me If You Can, built around competitive toe-to-toe racing, or Drift 101, where cornering and Kudos point earning will be your bread and butter.

Joining these will be eight others: Final Countdown, Two Wheels Only, Horses for Courses, Rough Riders, Flatout, Steamroller World Tour, Trackday Specials and Ultimate Challenge.

The overall aim of this is to win medals to hang around your neck, ranging from mundane silver up-to fancy platinum. Bizarre reckons there will be 108 to earn in total, making you look a little like Mr. T with all on show.

Arcade Mode was popped in the new racing game to give those of you who are familiar with the series some instant gratification, apparently, and you'll be able to tackle it all in any old order - providing you've unlocked the different bits. Get really competitive and you can even chase top scores on the Live leaderboard.

Project Gotham Racing 4 is due out here on 12th October with motorbikes in it, and is one of our most wanted 360 titles of 2007.

Pop over to our PGR4 gamepage for all our coverage to date.

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