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PC Battlefield 3 on Steam evidence arises

Jets be friends?

More evidence has surfaced that suggests Battlefield 3 will, at some point, be sold on Steam.

Code within the game's PunkBuster anti-cheat installation files refers specifically to a Steam game directory.

But this could be old, non-removed code.

The other piece of evidence comes from graphics card maker Sapphire. A competition on the Sapphire Select Club website purports to be giving away PC game codes for Battlefield 3 on Steam.

A mix-up? We're checking with EA.

Battlefield 3 notably wasn't sold on Steam - EA took the opportunity to shine the headlights on its own digital distribution platform Origin.

Digital Foundry faced all three versions of Battlefield 3 - PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - up against each other at the weekend.

Eurogamer narrates Battlefield 3 campaign gameplay footage.

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