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PaRappa PSP for Europe

In July, says Sony.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer this afternoon that PaRappa The Rapper will be coming to European PSPs.

It will be available alongside the American version in July.

Handheld PaRappa will bring back all the charm of the 10 year-old original, with music from Masaya Matsuura and New Yorker Rodney Greenblat. The flattened and stylised animation will make a return, and there'll be support for up to four players to battle it out in ad-hoc multiplayer. Games can also be shared wirelessly and eight additional tracks will be available to download.

The aim of the game is to rap your way into Sunny Funny's heart by learning and mimicking the moves of the Masters. As you become better at timing button presses to copy their moves you'll increase in skill, eventually able to wreak your own kind of freestyle havoc on the crowd.

PaRappa has been considered as one of the games that helped establish the rhythm genre.

"Bringing PaRappa The Rapper to PSP allows true PlayStation fans to re-connect with this timeless classic," said John Koller, senior marketing manager of Sony America.

"This also introduces the beloved PaRappa and his cast of colourful friends to a new generation of fans and potential hip-hop stars on the move."

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