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PaRappa the Rapper spotted on Korean ratings board

Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind.

A listing bearing the title "PaRappa the Rapper" has appeared on the Korean Game Rating Board. (Thanks, Gematsu!)

It's unclear if this is a brand new title in the cult classic rhythm game series about a dog who learns to kung-fu rap from a sentient onion, or if this will be a port of the original 1997 game... which has thus far only been available on its native PSone and later PSP, where it was ported to in 2007.

The game's sequel, the 2004 PS2 title PaRappa the Rapper 2, was released on PS4 in 2015 as a PS2 classic. Yet the original title remained relegated to archaic consoles.

Similarly, its 1999 spin-off, Um Jammer Lammy, never made it to European shores on modern hardware, though in North America it's available as a PSone Classic on PS3 and PSP.

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Back in 2007 Eurogamer contributor Dave McCarthy found the PSP PaRappa the Rapper port a charming relic, albeit one a little light on content. "The game's chief drawback remains that it is only six songs long - rhythm action specialists will complete this in an hour or so," he said in his PaRappa the Rapper review.

"It's still cool, and it's still charming, and it will still fill you with glee. But it somehow fails to make such a dramatic entrance as it once did," he concluded.

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