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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Paragon PC and PS4 free open beta dated

Give Epic's new MOBA a go for yourself.

Epic Games' MOBA Paragon goes into open beta 16th August. That means you won't need to buy into any Early Access programmes to play it - it will be free on PC and PS4. You do not require PlayStation Plus.

The cheapest way in right now is a Paragon Founder's Pack for £16 on PS4 and $20 on PC. Epic promises to never reset account progress in the build up to the game's full launch later this year.

In addition to the beta date, Epic unveiled new duellist hero Khaimera, detailed a a huge new Paragon game update, and talked a lot about Paragon's current meta and what it's doing about it.

Our Chris Bratt took a look at Paragon earlier in the year. He liked the over-the-shoulder camera and the sense of height it brought to MOBA maps, and he thought it was technically lovely, though maybe lacking a lick of charm. His Paragon preview goes into more depth.

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