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Saboteur reappears with new website

Pandemic's war game back on the radar.

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A new website for Pandemic's attractive war game Saboteur has appeared. There are pictures to look at and some scene-setting text to read.

And it's all we've heard of the openworld WWII game for around two-years; Saboteur surfaced briefly last year after being officially delayed by EA. The publisher, incidentally, had nothing further to add this afternoon regarding a date; somewhere between now and 31st March 2010 remains the most recent estimate. And we'd lean towards the latter end of that.

Saboteur casts players as Sean Devlin, a street-tough Irish racing mechanic living in Nazi-occupied Paris during the early 1940s. His personal mission is to wreak vengeance on a Nazi officer who "took everything from him", according to the website. But, with the help of the French Resistance and British Intelligence, he soon becomes far more important.

Saboteur's most obvious draw will be its use of colour; Nazi-occupied parts of France are drained and appear black and white, whereas liberated parts burst with colour. Pandemic has made particular mention of the setting, too, which broods with dark alleys, seedy night clubs and sexy burlesque cabarets.

And these are the locations you as Devlin will frequent, gathering intelligence to strategically plan your sabotage missions to cripple the German war effort. Then, by using a mixture of stealth and distraction, explosives can be planted on all manner of targets: trains, tanks, buildings, zeppelins and more.

Saboteur had, in April 2007, been in Xbox 360 and PS3 development for two years. Let's hope poor releases Mercenaries 2 and The Lord of the Rings: Conquest haven't derailed Pandemic too much.

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