The Saboteur


Origin Access adds Furi, The Saboteur, and Aragami

Madden NFL 17 is coming to EA Access next week.

Atari Flashback 3 console: 60 games, £50

Two pads, looks like Atari 2600.

Feature | Why I Hate... The Saboteur

"Like setting a rom-com in late-sixties Vietnam."

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 24

Dante shows everyone how it's done. Plus: Army of Two, Avatar, Darksiders, Dark Void, Saboteur.

EA patches The Saboteur on PC

Fixes some but not all problems.

PC Saboteur sabotaged by ATI cards

NVIDIA must be delighted.

Video | The EGTV show: The Saboteur

Better the Devlin you know.

Review | The Saboteur

Resistance is futile.

Binned "Mercs Inc." footage appears

Pandemic's bucket topples, spills.

The Saboteur

Pandemic's stealth-action creeps closer.

Video | The Saboteur - trailer

Sean Devlin's just getting started, apparently.

The Saboteur

Out in early December.

The Saboteur

Resistance is fertile.

EA splashes nine games over the Expo

L4D2, NFS, Dragon Age, Brutal, more!

The Saboteur gets December release date

Joyeux noel, mais pas pour les Nazis.

E3: The Saboteur

360 and PS3 images.

Feature | The Saboteur

With a push of your button.

Saboteur reappears with new website

Pandemic's war game back on the radar.

EA delays release of Saboteur

Won't be here till April at the earliest.

Review | Saboteur

Are you a shuriken or a shurican't?

Pandemic talks Saboteur

Balled-fists and head-butts.

Pandemic's Saboteur unveiled

Stealthy WWII resistance fun.