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Pandemic talks Saboteur

Balled-fists and head-butts.

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Pandemic Studios has been leaking top secret information about it's next-gen WWII stealth action title, which puts you in the role of a saboteur for the French resistance.

But wait, wait. Apparently it's not just another one of those war games. You see, Nazi occupation of France is largely used as a backdrop on this occasion, and while it will naturally have a hefty influence on what goes on, the story actually revolves around an Irish race-car driver who happens to get caught up in Paris on the eve of Hitler's invasion.

This chap, Sean, finds people close to him caught up in the mayhem, and the story soon turns into a tale of revenge.

"This isn't about defeating the Nazis," game director Trey Watkins told Game Almighty. "This game is about a guy and his personal story that happens to be set in WWII."

"Much in the way people don't think of Indiana Jones as a WWII movie, this isn't a WWII game."

It's third-person territory, though stealth and sabotage will be more effective than action. And you'll constantly be trying to avoid suspicion as you progressively become a bigger blip on the Nazi radar.

However, you won't be some super stealthy does-the-impossible-before-breakfast kind of fellow. So, when you get up close and personal with someone it'll balled-fists and head-butts, rather than roundhouse kicks and neck snaps.

Sean's strengths as a race-driver will come in handy too, and you'll be able to use numerous vehicles strewn around Paris to evade police in daring car chases. It's part of Pandemic's "if you can see you can use it" plan for the game; a sort of 1940s Grand Theft Auto.

Another interesting aspect Pandemic is trying to introduce is its "Will to Fight" system. For this it will use a Sin City-inspired colour-coding system for the level of resistance to the Nazi occupation in certain areas. Those with less "Will to Fight" will verge on being black and white, devoid of colour and hope, while areas with a strong resistance will be vibrant with colour.

Saboteur has already been in development for two years, and is due to release on PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year

Sneak over to our Saboteur gallery for a closer look.

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