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Overwatch's new hero, Doomfist, arrives next week on all platforms

UPDATE: He's now live!

UPDATE 27/07/2017 8pm: Doomfist is now live! Go forth and punch things!

ORIGINAL STORY 18/07/2017 11.28pm: Overwatch's next free character, Doomfist, will arrive 27th July on all platforms.

So far he's only been part of the PC version's Public Test Realm, but come next Thursday we'll all have access to the cybernetic anti-hero.

Doomfist, as the name implies, is a melee-centric character prone to slamming into opponents with his colossal mechanical hand. Beyond that, he'll have a short-range hand cannon, a ground pound maneuver, an uppercut punch, and a meteor strike ultimate ability.

Contrary to popular rumours, he will not be played by Terry Crews, who was recently spotted visiting the Blizzard office and expressed a desire to play the part.

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Doomfist has been part of Overwatch's lore since the game's very first trailer, where some kid marvels at his bionic arm at a museum. The name "Doomfist" was uttered in awe and it's not like Blizzard was going to not make a playable character called Doomfist once they'd already introduced such a moniker to the world.