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Overwatch's Doomfist is real, and he's available now on the PTR

Though he's not voiced by Terry Crews.

Ever since Overwatch's launch last year, there have been murmurs that Blizzard would add a new character called Doomfist to its roster of playable heroes. And now it has!

I'm tired of these jokes about my giant hand.

But first some background on Doomfist's legacy. Whispers of him coming began with an early cinematic starring Widowmaker and Reaper trying to steal Doomfist's gauntlet. His presence was also teased in-game, with a couple of maps adorned with posters of Doomfist, advertising the impending hero. For the past several months Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan continually teased and released other characters, but now the jig is up and Doomfist is here!

Well, sort of. At the moment he's only available in the Public Test Realm, but it won't be long until he makes his way into the larger public.

Cover image for YouTube videoDoomfist Origin Story | Overwatch

As for Doomfist himself, he's an important member of the council that leads Talon, the game's baddie organisation. He believes we strengthen with every battle, so he is for war, which makes him diametrically opposed to peacekeeping organisation Overwatch.

American football player and muscle man actor Terry Crews has long been linked with voicing the Doomfist. He posted a picture of himself visiting Blizzard and publicly expressed a desire to play the part. That's not what happened though, as the voice in the trailer above sounds nothing like Crews.

When it comes to abilities, Doomfist is equipped with a short-range, shotgun-like hand cannon; a charged dash-punch; a jump-based ground pound; an uppercut; and a meteor strike ultimate ability. His shield also recharges when he lands abilities on opposing enemies.