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Overwatch heroes re-imagined by fan artist as Rockabilly pin-ups

A thing of beauty.

I've been looking at a lot of Overwatch fan art - and Witcher 3 fan art - and there are some fantastic pieces around. But nothing struck me quite like Andrew Tran's work.

I love seeing familiar characters re-imagined in different ways, and with his Rockabilly series of Overwatch portraits Tran does exactly that. His James Dean-style Soldier: 76 drew my attention but his retro Widowmaker is the picture I keep showing people. It's one of only a few fan pieces that shows her in a new light - and not unclothed in one of the many instances of Overwatch porn, which Aoife made a video about recently.

But the Rockabilly series isn't Tran's only Overwatch art. He's also re-imagined some of the game's heroes in a Dark Souls style, resulting in wonderfully menacing interpretations of Roadhog and even the angelic Mercy.

Hog's belly button is bigger than the attacking champion's head. Just saying.
Er, heal plz?

Tran has drawn some straighter interpretations of Overwatch characters, too, as well as some Star Wars meets Game of Thrones crossovers, which aren't video game related but are snazzy nonetheless.

Here's Tyrion Solo.

Andrew Tran is a professional artist living in Canada, and his work is shared on Eurogamer with his chirpy approval. Andrew Tran has a personal website where you can find all his social media hubs and Patreon page if you fancy supporting him.

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