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Characters from The Witcher, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and BioShock - beautifully re-imagined

Geralt load of these!

Ah when creativity inspires creativity! Behold the work of professional artist Astor Alexander, who has made characters from The Witcher series, Mario, Zelda, BioShock and Metroid look very different indeed. He's turned them into pulp book covers, noir detective images and even Renaissance-style paintings.

His noir interpretation of The Witcher series has been doing the rounds for a little while, as have his other pictures before, but they're so nice I thought I'd throw them together anyway, and he's given me the go-head to share them.

He told me the inspiration for his Witcher noir pictures came from watching BBC's Sherlock and Supernatural shows no less! "It made sense to update The Witcher to modern times," he said.

Currently, he's working on "a funny gaming illustration" but he wants it to be a surprise. And curiously, despite the topic of his pictures, he said he's never been employed by the gaming industry. I wonder what a bit of exposure will do for his chances...

Astor Alexander's work is hosted on DeviantArt. Most of it is shared here but there's a steamy Zelda and Ganondorf image that isn't. There's two versions: one nude and one clothed.

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