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Outside Xbox takes Forza 5's most expensive car for a spin

Plus 10 Xbox One problems Microsoft could fix overnight.

Hi, Eurogamers, and welcome to the first Outside Xbox roundup of the Next Generation. It's not all that different, if we're honest, but feel free to try using voice commands to scroll the page if you like.

The Xbox One has been out for an entire week now, so join us for a Show of the Week that examines the highs and lows of the Xbox One's first week on sale, and takes a look at some of the cool features of the console that you might have missed if you picked one up:

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Much has been made of Forza 5's microtransactions in the press this week, with the revelation that its most expensive vehicle, Kimi Raikkonen's 2013 Lotus E21 F1 car costs an astonishing 32 quid. Undaunted by the steep price, our resident car-liker Mike took it for a spin around the mountain-top roller coaster that is the Bathurst track in Australia. Is it worth the cash? Of course not, but fun to watch, all the same:

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Finally this week, now we have spent plenty of time with the Xbox One, the little problems are starting to surface, such as the lack of a recently met players list, no controller battery indicator, and the lack of a global invert option. The good news is they're all in Microsoft's power to put right. Watch on for 10 Xbox One problems Microsoft could fix tomorrow:

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For more, including the reasons why Bully may be the best thing that Rockstar has ever done, and the best ways to have fun in Zoo Tycoon, check out, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss a video. See you next week!