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Whoops! BAFTA sends Forza award nomination to Codemasters

"What's it worth?"

Do you ever get your racing game developers mixed up? Do you know your Codemasters from your Criterions? Your Polyphonys from your Playgrounds?

It seems BAFTA had a little trouble with this.

BAFTA Games sent its Academy Award nomination for Xbox One launch title Forza 5 not to its developer, Turn 10, but Codemasters, creator of the Dirt, Grid and Formula One games.

Whoops! No harm done, of course, and Turn 10 and Codies have had a bit of Friday afternoon banter following the harmless gaff.

BAFTA Games has apologised for the mix-up. Surely a pint will cover it?

Now seems like an appropriate time to remind ourselves that there will no doubt be a new Forza game out this year, reportedly from Forza Horizon studio Playground, as well as a new Formula One game from Codemasters. Vroom!

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