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Outriders' biggest patch yet takes aim at the incredibly annoying snipers

Target acquired.

Square Enix and People Can Fly have released Outriders' biggest patch yet.

There a huge number of bug and crash fixes listed in the patch notes, but I'd like to highlight one change in particular:

"[REBALANCE] AI snipers now give players more time to dodge their shots."

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Thank god! If you've played Outriders you'll know how annoying the game's snipers are. These crack shots never miss. They're too fast, too accurate, and when they hit they take off a huge chunk of your life and knock you back. Oh, and some snipers can also fire mortar shells on your position. You know, cos being the best sniper in the universe isn't enough.

When you're playing on harder difficulties, it can be nigh-on impossible to close the gap on the bastards as they shoot from behind cover. The cowards! When you face a handful snipers, it's pretty much game over. That dreaded red laser is still giving me nightmares.

Hopefully this patch makes the snipers less annoying in Outriders. My fingers are crossed!

Sniper tracking is busted and dumb... from r/outriders

It's worth noting this patch arrives before the promised item restoration, which many Outriders players are still waiting for.

"While we had hoped to run the restoration process before releasing the patch, this unfortunately is not possible, so we have made the decision to release the patch today so that players can benefit from its fixes while we continue to iterate and work on the restoration process," Square Enix and People Can Fly said.

There's no word on a change to stop griefers who kick out co-op players from Expeditions before they can nab their hard-earned loot.

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