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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Our first look at this year's FIFA Ultimate Team

EA makes FUT competitive.

EA's put out a video showing off FIFA Ultimate Team for FIFA 17.

This year's FUT adds squad-building challenges and FUT Champions.

Squad-building challenges lets you use all your Club items to get rewards, including unwanted bronze and silver items.

FUT Champions is daily knockout tournaments for in-game rewards. Through it, you get a chance to play in the Weekend League. There's a Monthly Leaderboard to work towards.

If you get to the top spots on the leaderboard, you could get the chance to compete in the new FUT Championship Series. There's a $1.3m prize pool on offer. It all sounds like EA's trying to take FUT into the world of eSports.

Cover image for YouTube videoFUT 17 - FUT CHAMPIONS

The 32 best Ultimate Team players in the world take part in the Ultimate Team Championship. The multiplatform competition culminates in a two-legged fixture, played across the competition's two platforms, and ultimately crowning a champion.