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More than 19 million people have played Battlefield 1

Over half of FIFA 17 players tried The Journey.

It sounds like EA's decision to take Battlefield to World War 1 worked out - the game's had over 19 million players.

That's not to say 19 million people currently play the game. It is to say 19 million people have played DICE's shooter since it came out up until the end of EA's 2017 financial year (April 2016 to March 2017).

Still, it's an impressive figure, and, crucially for EA, a significant step up from Battlefield 4 - 50 per cent up over Battlefield 4 in the same period from launch, in fact.

So, expect plenty of support for Battlefield 1 with new expansions and updates. EA will be keen for players to stick around to keep that digital revenue pouring in.

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Meanwhile, FIFA 17 saw more than 21 million players during the financial year. It is, by some way, the world's biggest sports game franchise.

Interestingly, 12 million people played The Journey, FIFA 17's silly but enjoyable story mode. So, over half of FIFA 17 players gave The Journey a shot. The rest, I imagine, jumped straight into other modes, such as FIFA Ultimate Team. Perhaps that means there will be a The Journey 2?

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Speaking of FUT, EA said the massively popular mode's player base grew 13 per cent year over year, but didn't say how many people play it.